1000 Series – Barn Style Shower Door

1000 Series – Barn Style Shower Door

Currently trending, the 1000 Series (Barn Door Style) shower enclosure. Modern and bold, the 1000 Series has become popular in the shower remodel market recently. The barn door is versatile, aesthetically distinctive, and the single rail install presents an elegant solution for the contemporary shower design.  The 1000 Series uses stainless steel hardware and is available in oil-rubbed bronze, polished stainless (chrome) and brushed stainless (brushed nickel) hardware.


The installation of the barn door is achieved with a single rail, with rollers, fastened to either side of the shower surround and ladder style vertical pull handle. This highlights the need for fewer holes to be made to the shower surround. This rail facilitates the gliding open & shut of the shower door with the bold styling of exposed roller wheels. This frameless shower enclosure is available in 3/8” & ½” tempered glass for durability and is the ultimate in feature & function.

Traditional Bipass vs Sliding Barn Door:

Due to the sliding motion of both types of enclosures they will not impede on the usable floor space, however, as with any glass enclosure, there may be more upkeep involved.  The traditional bipass is more versatile in points of entry, as both doors slide for access.  Whereas the barn door has one stationary panel and one sliding panel. Traditional bypass sliding doors being fully framed prevent water escape.  As a result of the frameless design of the barn door there is a possibility of water trickling out.

The traditional bipass is available in standard sizes; however the 1000 Series frameless enclosure is custom fit to virtually any shower or bathtub opening. The 1000 Series also brings an aesthetic point of interest and customization to your washroom.

Whether you are seeking clean, sleek architecture and elegant design or classic appearance and functionality, the 1000 Series demonstrates adaptability to both Traditional and Modern architecture.

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